“Owl’s Perspective, Amphitheater April 17th, 11:41am”

Owl's Perspective, Amphitheater April 17th, 11:41am.

Here’s one of the perch locations I came up with the pervious (April 10th I believe) on location rehearsal.
I liked that it looked like a perch and that I as an owl would be up in a tree, where often one sees owls…or at least where I have seen them both in real life and in books and films).

Joe (photo-credit: Joseph Hansen) helped me (thank you again!!!) on April 17th to find a way to get up there that didn’t seem to be/wasn’t as precarious/”scary” (for me.. I was a bit wimpy) to get up to (poison oak and more “cliffy”–although not really– was the only way I had seen to get there but his way avoided all of that and was relatively easy to get up and down (when one moves slowly and human like–we thought perhaps re: cinematography/editing-wise–> cutting from me up there to the other birds and then while I get down not go to me (maybe also see a swooping sort of motion/idea re: camera or maybe not yet/this time… and maybe I’d find the possum then.. not sure..) and then when I’m over at another perch I’d like to use (the tilted rock that I’ve been able to ~owl-hop (see past owl video(s) I posted…) downwards on) at some point cut back to me… and then later I can owl-hop on downwards but not quite all the way down on the rock and then appear to be about to go into flight (which I can do on that rock~) … and then perhaps (or maybe not even needed) a swooping pov/camera shot over to the perch which I have yet to face my fear of (**but I will try (my best/hardest)))…. 🙂

(…also, another idea that occurred to me during wednesday’s on location rehearsal is that I (or maybe another bird) could have wings back and do a sort of turn/~shenae turn…I showed it to the other performers and at some point can try to remember to film/post it.. if not, I remember it and I’m writing about it also as a reminder..)


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